Celestial Mechanics

Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur   This is the Homepage of the Observatory in Nice. It is also the working
place of Claude Froeschlé
University of Florida's astronomy departement   The UF's astronomy departement offers lots of useful informations. It was
also the place where Heinrich worked for a long time
The Minor Planet Center of the IAU   If you are interested in the minor planets, then this is your
site. Detailed Information on almost all known bodies and lots more !
The List of Amors   These are direct links to the various list of minor planets data.
If you want to be up to date, then a visit is a need !
The List of Apollos  
The List of Atens  
The List of Jupiter Trojans  
The List of Trans Neptun Objects  
The List of unusual MP's  
Space Mechanics Group in Pisa, Italy   This is the Space Mechanics Group at the University of Pisa and their
Near Earth Asteroids - NEA - Project.
Spacewatch   The Spacewatch Project tries to detect objects, that could be a danger for
earth,i.e. NEA's with an collision orbit.
European Asteroid Research Node   New asteroidal data and research results from european institutes are
the contents of this site

Extrasolar Planets

ERC Homepage   The Extrasolar Research Coporation offers informations and
new reseach results concerning other solar systems.
Extrasolar Plantes Encyclopaedia  
California & Carnegie Planet Search Team   All these sites offers detailed informations about all known ExSo Planets.
Geneva Planet Search Team  
EANA   The European Astrobiology Network Association
NAI   NASA Astrobiology Institute


Fakultät für Geowissenschaften, Geographie und Astronomie   This site is a good starting place, if you are interested in
austrian natural sciences.
Institut für Astronomie   This is the Site of our observatory in vienna. There you can find
lots more of information, then just about astro dynamics
Zentralamt für Meteorologie und Geophysik   If you are interested in meteorology or geophysics you may visit this site.
But it is also a good place, to look for tomorrow's weather.
Universität Wien   Main page of the University of Vienna


IAU   International Astronomical Union
NASA Homepage   The Homepage of the NASA : Full of informations to various
astronomical themes !
ESA Homepage   The site of the European Space Agency shows, that Europe
knows also how to built rockets !
ESO Homepage   The site of the European South Observatory offers lot's of
informations of the various observatorys owned by the ESO.


SETI Homepage   The SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) project offers
scientific informations about possible lifeforms away from earth -
far away from the X-Files !
Jobabfrage der Uni Wien   This is a site for students who want (or need) to look for
a job. This site offers lots of possibilties to find some
Wohnungsabfrage der Uni Wien   If you are a living/working/studying in Vienna and you are
looking for a own apartement, then this is your site !